Opera Theatre of the Rockies Performance History


December 1998                   Hansel and Gretel                CS Symphony

Spring 1999                          Merry Widow                          Fine Arts Center

March 2000                          Ballad of Baby Doe               Armstrong Theater

March 2001                          Gianni Schicchi/I Pagialicci   Armstrong Theater

September 2001                  Ballad of Baby Doe              Tabor Opera House, Leadville

March 2002                          Lady of the Camelias           UCCS Theatreworks

June 2002                             Candide                                     Armstrong Theater

June 2002                             Ballad of Baby Doe               Jefferson Symphony

September 2002                  Ballad of Baby Doe              Tabor Opera House, Leadville

March 2003                          Opera Goes to Court            Pioneers Museum

June 2003                             Daughter of the Regiment  Armstrong Theater

September 2003                  Ballad of Baby Doe               Tabor Opera House, Leadville

February 2004                     A Night at the Opera           Pikes Peak Center, CS Philharmonic

March 2004                          Ballad of Baby Doe               Wheeler Opera House, Aspen

June 2004                             The Marriage of Figaro       Armstrong Theater

September 2004                  Ballad of Baby Doe               Tabor Opera House, Leadville

April-May 2005                    Threepenny Opera              UCCS

June 2005                             La Cenerentola                       Armstrong Theater

Jan 2006                                The Singer’s Mozart              Packard Hall

May 2006                              Puccini Spectacular              Pikes Peak Center

Jan 2007                                La Grand Scena                     Plaza of the Rockies

March 2007                          Hansel and Gretel                 Pikes Peak Center

February-March 2008          Carmen                                   Pikes Peak Center

February-March 2009          Street Scene                          Pikes Peak C enter

February 2010                     The Magic Flute                     Pikes Peak Center

February 2011                     The Barber of Seville            Pikes Peak Center

April 2011                             Songs That Won the War    Pioneers Museum

October 2011                       Scenes Concert                       Westcliffe

March 2012                          La Traviata                                Pikes Peak Center

July 2012                               A Little Night Music             Armstrong Theater

Sept. 2012                             La Bohème                                Pikes Peak Center, CS Philharmonic

September 2012                  Old Maid and The Thief     Damon Runyon, Pueblo

October 2012                       Old Maid and The Thief      Colorado Springs

March 2013                          Die Fledermaus                       Pikes Peak Center

August 2013                         The Sound of Music               Armstrong Theater

February 2014                     Lakmé                                        Armstrong Theater

July 2014                               The King and I                        Armstrong Theater

October 2014                       Douglas Moore Concert    Westcliffe

February 2015                     Tosca                                         Pikes Peak Center, CS Philharmonic

June 2015                             Douglas Moore Concert     First Christian Church, COS

September 2015                  Douglas Moore Concert   Damon Runyon, Pueblo

April 2016                             Cosi fan tutte                           First Christian and First United Methodist Churches